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Buying Tickets

How to Buy Tickets for the Schooltime Series

TITLE I: As of 7:45 a.m. on August 31, Title I tickets have all been taken. To purchase tickets instead, follow the instructions and links below.

Please review the following instructions carefully before making your purchase.



All ticket orders must be made online with completed information. We do not accept phone orders or purchase orders.

If you do not fill in all the required fields, your order cannot be processed.

Everyone, regardless of age, must have a ticket. 

  • Notify chaperones that babies and toddlers must also have a ticket to comply with fire codes.
  • There are no lap passes. 

All tickets are $3.00 each through the payment due date. After the due date, any available seats will increase to $5.00 each.

  • 1-20 tickets (per show) must be paid for at the time of purchase.
  • 21+ tickets (per show) may be reserved. 
  • Payment in full is due about five weeks before the show. Due dates are listed on each Show page and on the invoice.
  • Repeat cancellations or decreases in the number of tickets at the time of payment will result in a request for immediate payment, decrease in seats being held or release of the show(s) remaining.
  • After the payment due date all unpaid orders will automatically be released. 

Seats are first come, first served.

There are no waiting lists. As seats open, especially after the payment due date, they will be available for purchase online.

We will post ticket availability updates regularly on our Facebook.

No order is complete until it is paid. 

The first 1,000 paid seats per performance are guaranteed general seating on the Orchestra Level. If you are a classroom and pay your reservation before the due date, we will hold your place in the order in which you applied. Where you sit within each level depends on your arrival time and crowd size. You cannot choose your seats. See House Policies. 

All sales are final. 

        To ensure delivery of all your e-mail materials, add these addresses to your address book:

        Choose one:

        1 – 20 Tickets  21 or More Tickets 
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        Accessibility Services

          We will make every effort possible to provide the best experience for all of our patrons. Requests will be processed only after all tickets for the requesting party are paid.

          On your order form:

          • Clearly designate that you require ADA/accessible services. 
          • Mark the type of ADA services and for how many. 
          • Tell us how many companion seats you need with each special needs student. 
          • It is your responsibility to request a sign language interpreter on this form. 
          • Specify the class by teacher’s name.

          These students will be seated on the orchestra level with at least one chaperone and a friend or two, but we cannot guarantee that they will be seated with their class.

          Hearing impaired students, chaperones, and sign language interpreters will be seated orchestra right in pre-approved seats with special lighting.

          Please provide us with enough time to obtain a script and other services for interpreters. We are working with companies all over the world.

          Requests are handled on a show-by-show basis. 

          Please note: Be sure the show you attend is appropriate for your students in content and subject. Some performances require a very dark hall, have loud noises (such as gunshots or cannon fire), use strobe lights, etc. You can refer to our Teaching Guides for more in-depth information.

          Call 505-277-6746 or e-mail Chris at for ticketing and form questions.

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